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BRI Asian projects seen attracting HK firms

Hong Kong companies will be invited to participate in official projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative, according to a senior Commerce Ministry official, starting with four based in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesdia. Li Yongjun, a deputy director of the ministry, said Hong Kong companies would improve the quality of the projects, which have access to preferential state-supported financing. He was referring to the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, the Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Park, the China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, and China Fortune Happy Indonesia Karawang Industrial Park.

Li said he believed Hong Kong companies would be best in focusing on the fields of law, financing, taxation, auditing, and environmental protection. Construction companies would also be welcome to improve standards and services.

An official of the Hong Kong government, Denis Yip, who heads the BRI Commission under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, said such projects are ideal entry points for Hong Kong enterprises to “go out” and expand overseas markets. 

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