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Amazon crackdown hits cross-border traders

Crackdowns against unscrupulous businesses aren’t only happening on one side of the Pacific. In China, more than 300 companies are reeling from bans placed on them by Amazon this week, as this insightful article from Pandaily explains.

The news is likely to have sent shockwaves through the Greater Bay Area, which is the biggest and fastest growing region in China for cross-border e-commerce. As recent recruitment data shows, Guangdong firms engaged in direct sales outside of China have been by far the country’s biggest recruiters in this space. Moreover, cross-border e-commerce has been seen as a growth driver for the economy in both the short term, as foreign buyers cannot attend trade fairs in China, and over the longer term, as China seeks to use technology to transform its economic structure.

The companies in question were banned for violating Amazon’s rules on fake reviews.

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