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‘618’ online shopping event sees record sales

China’s second-biggest online shopping event of the year, known by its date, 618, saw record sales yesterday in Guangdong, which again led the country, as it always has. Mobile devices, led by Apple’s iPhone 12, outsold all other categories, followed by home appliances, offices computers, digital products, and food & beverages.

Transaction volumes rose by 36% year-on-year. Among all shoppers, under-35s accounted for 60%; over-45s were just 13%. Women and men were about equally weighted overall.

Shenzhen was in first place, as usual, followed by Guangzhou and Dongguan. Most noteworthy in the Shenzhen sales numbers was a surge in purchases of gold and silver goods, up 25.5 times. Luxury goods and watches were double last year’s turnover. Another noteworthy spike was seen in sales of hair-dyeing and anti-loss hair products. Suning, the home-appliance retailer, said it saw sales of airconditioners surge more than 120%.

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