Coronavirus update: ups and downs

Guangdong added 8 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, six of which were in Guangzhou and 2 in Shenzhen. Seven cases were imported from overseas and one case was imported from Hubei. One new asymptomatic case was confirmed, and 50 are still under observation. Eight cases were discharged. Among the 134 cases still in hospital (124 imported), 40 were light, 88 normal, 2 severe, and 4 critical, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

Hong Kong confirmed 37 new cases today, down from 51 the previous day, taking the city’s total number to 802 (154 discharged), according to the Centre for Health Protection. 

Across the rest of the country, 35 new imported cases were reported, according to the National Health Commission. Asymptomatic cases dropped to 1,075, as 338 were released from monitoring and 55 new cases were reported.

Related Covid-19 news:

  1. As Guangdong’s schools prepare to resume classes, it was disclosed that there are 60 children’s mask production enterprises established across the province, 24 of which have already begun operation, with a daily production capacity of 5.792 million. The other 36 will soon add an estimated daily production capacity of 3.06 million. SCN.
  2. Just three months after China first notified the WHO about a deadly new coronavirus, studies of numerous antiviral treatments and potential vaccines are already under way. Never has science advanced so much in such a short period of time to combat an epidemic. Many of the proposals now under study come from research groups that have spent years working to combat similar coronaviruses, particularly Sars and Mers. SCMP has the explainer.
  3. Henan province has taken the drastic measure of putting a mid-sized county in total lockdown as authorities try to fend off a second coronavirus wave in the midst of a push to revive the economy. SCMP.
  4. Military scientists in China working on a vaccine say they no longer have enough patients to test their work on and need to go abroad to the worst-hit countries to take their research further. SCMP.
  5. Wuhan is now cautiously navigating a path back toward normality. But although the risk of catching the pneumonia-causing virus seems to be receding, the epidemic’s mental health impacts will likely linger for a long time to come. Caixin.

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